Lake & Bridge Records


It all started when…

I began going to Burlington Vermont in the mid-2000’s and met some extraordinary musicians who became friends and collaborators. Their lake (Champlain) and my bridge (Brooklyn) fit seamlessly together. Lake & Bridge Records was born. Over time, I have been incredibly lucky to have one connection lead to another and another and another until soon, all of these criss-crossing strands became a beautiful web of musical collaboration and growth. And it grows more every day.

Lake & Bridge Records exists to provide a home base for this web and to be another place where people who are involved in the creative process of music and words, but who fly slightly under the radar, can be discovered. Through the podcasts, you can learn more about them and their creative processes. On this site, you can connect directly to their work. This is all about connecting artists to artists and artists to people who want to discover great sounds that might otherwise be hard to find.

Thank you for visiting and for checking these artists out. Please contact me if you would like to learn more.

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