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Frank Road

13 original songs 10 years in the making.

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With Lake and Bridge

October 27 - Jericho Cafe and Tavern.  Jericho, VT. 8PM

October 28 - Whammy Bar.  Calais, VT. 8PM


 The new Ink The Octopus EP is set for release on August 15.

The new Ink The Octopus EP is set for release on August 15.

No More is the third song in The Woodstock Trilogy.   It was born on a rooftop in Brooklyn as I was watching a cardinal flutter down to the streets below and wondering how his day was.  It evolved into a song about forging ahead taking the lessons learned as your guide to new journeys.

The song was recorded at Coldbrook Studios in Woodstock, NY with producer Julie Last.  It was mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.  The following amazing musicians contributed their talents to this song:

Ted Looby - Guitar

Guy “Fooch” Fischetti - Pedal Steel, Violin

Kyle Esposito - Bass

Ian Solomon - Drums

I am excited to release Crossed Wires (available for download now at,  the second song in The Woodstock Trilogy. 

Here's how the song came to be: one day, I overheard someone on a phone call say, “hopefully our crosses will path soon.”  This made me laugh because we’ve all had moments where our brains scramble things around, especially when we’re nervous or feeling overloaded.  I started playing with other phrases and twisting them up.  This led me to think about how for children - particularly children with learning or developmental disabilities - confusing, scrambled up things are happening all the time.   “Crossed Wires” is a song about letting someone who’s feeling that way, a child perhaps, know that its all ok. 

If you’re a parent or you work with kids, maybe this song will resonate for you.  Maybe you give this reassurance on a daily basis.  It’s a reminder that we all are trying to make sense of the world and we all need this reassurance - from someone.  From anyone.

The Woodstock Trilogy sessions began In 2013 at Coldbrook Studios in Woodstock, NY with producer/engineer Julie Last (who has worked with Joni Mitchell, Liz Phair, Shawn Colvin and John Lennon).  The Woodstock region has long been a place that has inspired my writing and it was a dream fulfilled to be able to record there.  

I am overwhelmed by the good fortune of working with Julie and the session players who gave their talents to this song:

Guy “Fooch” Fischetti - Pedal Steel, Violin

Kyle Esposito - Bass

Eric Parker - Drums

I can't wait for 2016 to begin.  There is much more music coming, including collaborations with my good friend, singer/songwriter Remy de Laroque.  Thanks to everyone who listens to, makes and loves music!  


In 2013, I rented out the top of a garage in the little town of Olive, New York, about 5 miles from Woodstock.  On weekends or whenever I could find some time, I drove up with my guitar and my dog and set out to write some new songs.  Many were written, but thus far only three have been recorded.  I am calling them The Woodstock Trilogy.  

This September, as I mark my 45th year on this planet, I will release them here one by one.  I hope you like them and I hope you will download them and add them to your music collection/playlist/library.  I hope they find their way into your life, perhaps just in the background on a Sunday afternoon, and connect with you in some way.  The downloads are free.  If you do end up downloading one of them, please consider clicking on one of the links below to purchase a song from my previous releases, Rocking Chair and Circles.  

The first of these songs is "When The Rain Was Over".  It was written in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy hitting the New York area.  It reflects what people went through to put things back together and how all cries for help were not heard equally.  As we mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, it is worth asking how much has changed.  As is typical of most of the songs I've written, it is about other things as well, though I'm not sure I'm entirely aware of what all of those things are.

Song Credits:                                                                                                   (c) 2015 Dan Strauss Music                                                                         Words and Music by Dan Strauss                                                                     Recorded at Coldbrook Studios, Woodstock, NY                                                 Musicians: Ted Looby (guitar), Eric Parker (drums), Kyle Esposito (bass), Julie                     Last (backup vocals)                                                                        Engineered by Julie Last                                                                                   Produced by Julie Last and Dan Strauss                                                             Mastering by Sun Room Audio, Cornwall, NY