Dan Strauss has become a favorite NYC and Hudson Valley singer-songwriter with an intimate vocal style. His music wanders in and out of indie-folk, country, pop and rock, evoking the melodic hooks of the Beatles, the warmth of Nick Drake, the art rock of Wilco and the storytelling whimsy of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.  Dan plays regularly, both alone and with various musical pals including Remy de Laroque, Ted Looby, Kate McGuire and Seth Travins (of the Wiyos). 

Recorded in his home borough of Brooklyn, NY, "Renting Happiness" (2001) was Dan's first studio release and showcased his love of hook-filled folk-rock. In 2005, Dan teamed up with Producer Cyrille Taillandier (Lenny Kravitz, Angelique Kidjo, bi-phonic, Kanye West, Le Tigre) to record "Rocking Chair".  Together, they created a rich sonic landscape that reflected Dan's vast tapestry, from Simon and Garfunkel to Aimee Mann.  Songs like Heavy HeartCold, and House on a Hill became instant fan favorites and setlist mainstays.  In 2008, Dan joined forces with producer Royce Jeffres (Sting, Gil Scott-Heron) to Record "Circles".  With "Circles" (recorded in NYC's famed Edison Studios), Dan made a record reflecting his love of folk, country and indie rock, tapping into influences like Uncle Tupelo, Josh Rouse and Lucinda Williams.

Dan has spent the last few years performing songs from these albums and writing new material.  In 2013, he began a new project at Coldbrook Studios in Woodstock, NY with producer Julie Last (Shawn Colvin, Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Liz Phair, Brian Eno, John Lennon).  The Woodstock region has always been a source of calm and musical inspiration for Dan and he long-dreamed of an opportunity to record there.  As expected, once these sessions began, the "feel" of the mountains and countryside made their way into the music.  The three songs recorded here will make their eway onto a larger project as Dan is also recording new songs once again with Royce Jeffres in Brooklyn.  Dan is humbled and honored to have the following amazing musicians appear on the new recordings:

Guitar / Ted Looby
Pedal Steel / Guy "Fooch" Fischetti * Vocals / Julie Last, Kate McGuire
Bass / Kyle Esposito, "Sauerkraut" Seth Travins, Tim Luntzel
Drums / Eric Parker, Ian Solomon, Logan Baldwin


News & Updates


Summer, 2015

Working on final mixes at Coldbrook Studios, Woodstock, NY.