Dan Strauss Releases New Album: Frank Road

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13 original songs that have been in the works for 10 years.  The album is a mix of studio and home recordings and features a host of musicians in addition to Dan on vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards and drums.

Raymond Russel, Kyle Esposito and Dimitri Moderbacher on bass                                                 Ted Looby, Remy de Laroque on guitar                                                                                           Guy "Fooch" Fischetti on pedal steel and violin                                                                                 Eric Parker and Ian Solomon on Drums                                                                                           Julie Last on vocals

Production by Julie Last and Dan Strauss                                                                                           Mastered by Dan Coutant at SunRoom Audio  

Album cover art by Dan Strauss                                                                                                             Album graphic design by Adam Hess

Available for download and streaming at bandcamp